Youth/Youth workers

The Foundation Tempus has a number of opportunities available for young people and youth workers:

  • Participation in seminars, conferences and webinars organized by the Foundation Tempus throughout the year;
  • Information about possibilities for participation in the Erasmus+ Programme through the website, email, individual consultation and Information Center.

You can find the latest information on activities for youth sector in our NEWS section.



Erasmus+ is a European Union’s programme providing support for cooperation projects in the following three fields: education and training, youth and sport.

The Erasmus+ Programme covers the period 2014 to 2020. The total budget allocated for the whole period is 14.7 billion Euros.

“Youth in action” is a part of the Erasmus+ Programme dedicated to young people, with a budget of 1.47 million euros, which allows young people and youth workers to participate in various Key Actions:

KA1 – Mobility of young people

KA1 – Mobility of youth workers

KA1 – Volunteering projects

KA2 – Strategic partnerships in the field of youth

KA2 – Capacity building in the field of youth

KA3 – Structured Dialogue: meetings between young people and decision-makers

You can find more details about possibilities for young people and youth workers in the Youth section.



Info days are organised around the time of the publication of the Erasmus+ Call for Project Proposals and the National Call for Submission of Erasmus+ Projects to provide information about participation in the Erasmus+ Programme to all interested institutions and individuals in the education and youth sectors. Calls for proposals are normally published in October, when the info days are also organised.

For more information, refer to our INFO DAYS section.



With the aim of supporting institutions and individuals in the youth sector, the Foundation Tempus organises conferences throughout the year on a variety of subjects in this field.

The conferences are attended by individuals interested in the topic and various experts from local and foreign institutions and organisations dealing with youth, for the purpose of networking, establishing cooperation, exchanging good practices and further improvement of the education system and youth sector.

Attendance at conferences organised by the Foundation Tempus is free of charge. Potential participants are only required to fill in the registration form.

For more information, please refer to our CONFERENCES web page.


WEBINARS – Internet seminars

The Foundation Tempus organises webinars – internet seminars – as a useful tool for improving knowledge and skills “from home”, since the user only needs time and a stable internet connection.

The webinars cover various topics – from general information about opportunities for individuals and institutions working in the education and youth sectors, to specific ones related to certain parts of programmes or project types, such as mobilities for young people and youth workers etc.

All webinars organised by the Tempus Foundation are free of charge. Participants are required to fill in the registration form and need a stable Internet connection.

You can find more information in our WEBINARS page.



The Foundation Tempus has opened an Info Centre in Belgrade, 39 Terazije St., 1st floor, to support institutions and individuals in the education and youth sectors.

The Info Centre can provide information about the opportunities for funded mobility (exchanges), volunteering programmes and youth exchanges, and support in the application process in terms of Erasmus+ and CEEPUS rules and procedures.

It also provides special information services for international mobile students in Serbia.

For more information about the Foundation Tempus’ Info Centre, refer to our INFO CENTRE web page.



The Foundation Tempus organizes individual consultations to support young people and youth workers and inform them about all available programmes and possibilities within the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programmes.

Consultations are scheduled via mail at: