Since its establishment, the Foundation Tempus has participated in the promotion and implementation of EU educational programs, other educational programs, as well as various cooperation programs for all levels of education and support to young people in the Republic of Serbia through the development, design and implementation of projects aimed at improving formal and non-formal education and human resources development.

Through its work, the Foundation contributes to the development of education and human resources and the development of society as a whole by raising the capacity of youth organizations and other organizations, establishing cooperation with all social partners, international cooperation and work with individuals and institutions.

The Foundation Tempus contributes daily to the development of European standards in education, the implementation of the concept of the European dimension in the field of education, the promotion and popularization of issues related to the field of education, educational policies and youth policies.

Based on a formal mandate, the Foundation Tempus promotes and implements the largest program of the European Union for cooperation in the fields of education, training, youth and sport – Erasmus+. Through numerous activities, the Fouondation provides support to both organizations and individuals in personal and professional development, such as career guidance, skills development, competencies and qualifications, personal development and international mobility of key actors in the field of education, with a special focus on practitioners, young people and young people with disabilities.

In February 2019, the Republic of Serbia became a full member of the Erasmus+ program meaning that institutions from Serbia can participate in all parts of the Programme.

You can learn more about the history of the Foundation here.