All candidates must apply through the CEEPUS online system at, where they need to register and fill in an electronic application.

A three-step application for CEEPUS mobility:

  1. Find information on available mobility networks on the CEEPUS website.

If you find a suitable network in which your home institution participates (department/course, faculty…), you should contact the local CEEPUS contact person at your institution, who can inform you about the basic information on mobility opportunities within the network you are interested in. If your institution does not participate in the network through which you want to realise the mobility, you can apply as a freemover (without a network).

  1. Complete the online application.

Complete the application by registering on the CEEPUS system and selecting Manage Your Mobility Applications. Start the submission process by clicking on the Action icon and then follow further instructions.


If you are a student who would like to apply as a freemover, before completing the application you need to obtain:

Teachers applying as a freemover candidate need to submit:

The templates for these documents can be found on the CEEPUS website, and their completed and scanned versions should be submitted when completing the online application.

Exception – when applying for a freemover mobility in Austria, the mentioned documents are only submitted after receiving the notification that the application has been shortlisted, so the application is sent without these additional documents in the first phase.

  1. At some point you will receive an e-mailnotification whether your scholarship application has been approved or rejected. In case your application is approved you must formally accept it in the system.

If awarded, all scholarship holders must meet the general obligations: