Open call for submitting CEEPUS network mobility applications for 2022/23

Upon conclusion of the network selection process for 2022/2023 academic year, a public call for submitting mobility applications is open for candidates who want to carry out the academic exchange in the framework of the CEEPUS III program on public higher education institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

Interested students and academic staff can submit their applications through the CEEPUS platform for participation in the academic exchange at partner institutions within approved networks. The deadline for network mobility applications planned for the winter semester of academic year 2022/23 is 15th June, and the public call for mobilities that would be carried out in the summer semester of the same academic year will be closed on 31st October.

CEEPUS mobility possibilities

CEEPUS program enables students to choose among the following mobility categories, depending on the academic purpose of the academic exchange and the duration of the stay:

  • Student: for students who want their mobility period to last at least 3 months and their aim is to acquire ECTS credits;
  • Short-term-student: for students who want to stay on mobility less than 3 months and aspire to do research;
  • Short-term excursions: from 3 to 6 days long stays with the aim of participating in some special activity (CEEPUS winter or summer schools).

Academic staff should always apply through the Teacher category, regardless of the mobility duration. However mobility has to last at least 5 days with the requirement to teach or supervise at least 6 hours per workweek.

Applications are submitted through platform and the purpose of the academic exchange must be clearly stated in the section Motivation in the application. In case of Teacher mobility, planned teaching activities must be additionally specified in this section.

Since every participating country provides grants for their incoming candidates, the amount and the scope of the scholarship awarded can vary depending on the country. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for candidates to get informed about the terms prior to submitting the application. The relevant information and the contacts of National CEEPUS offices can be found on the CEEPUS website.

What is CEEPUS and how to apply?

Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS III) is a Central European student and academic staff exchange programme that provides opportunities for student and teacher mobility between higher education institutions of the CEEPUS participating countries (Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic).

Mobilities are mainly carried out through Networks – institutional partnerships that are established with the aim of exploring a specific area of common interest for all participants.

Interested candidates should investigate prospective networks for their mobility in accordance with their academic aim, having in mind that their home institution and institution of their choice should both participate in the same network to successfully apply within this call. Candidates browse the networks on FIND page by choosing the 2022/23 academic year and their home university after which a list of all networks in which the university participates will be displayed.

Interested candidates have to register on the CEEPUS platform (in case they do not already have an active account) and by choosing Create new application, they initiate the application process.

For further information regarding the CEEPUS program, the application process, possibilities and requirements, interested candidates can check the central CEEPUS platform, especially sections Appy and How, as well as the website of the National CEEPUS Office in Serbia.