CEEPUS-related academic article published in Cross-Border Review Yearbook

Our long-standing CEEPUS associate, PhD Miloš Petrović, authored a research paper titled “Contribution of CEEPUS in fostering cross-border academic cooperation between Serbia and Croatia,” which was published in the Cross-Border Review Yearbook (2022) issued by the Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI) from Budapest.

The article investigates the CEEPUS initiative as a higher education instrument for promoting and intensifying international cooperation between Serbian and Croatian academic communities. The author argues that the program has yielded significant results in that regard, as demonstrated by the increased interest in mutual cooperation through participation in networks coordinated by each side and the number of awarded and realized exchanges in both countries.

The analysis shows that as of 2022/2023, over 90% of networks coordinated by Serbian and Croatian institutions contain partners from either country, indicating significant interest in mutual cooperation. The share of realized mobilities between the two countries is between 15-20% of each country’s national quota, showing that the CEEPUS ties between the two academic communities are extensive, especially considering that the program comprises over a dozen other countries. The author concludes that the two academic communities are already deeply associated in the context of CEEPUS, which transcends the domain of higher education.

You can access the full article on the link here.