Application forms for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships projects

The Foundation Tempus informs the interested ogranisations and institutions that the following application forms are made available within the General Call for submission of Erasmus+ projects in 2019:

  • Strategic Partnerships in the field of Higher education (KA 203)
  • Strategic Partnerships in the field of Vocational education and training (KA 202)
  • Strategic Partnerships in the field of School education (KA 201)
  • Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult education (KA 204)
  • Strategic Partnerships for youth (KA205)

You can access the forms on the following link.

Please bear in mind that you can assess these webforms only with your EU login account.


All potential applicants for these types of projects are invited to read carefully the documents of the General Call 2019 for more information and details.

Only institutions can submit project applications, but the opportunities for individuals are opened once the project has been approved.